Campaign Finance

Scott Walker's 2016 Presidential Campaign

In the opening act of the 2016 Republican Presidential primary Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, was leading the pack in fundraising. A few short months in, his estimated $20M was gone and he in fact owed the state money. Walker's FEC filings later showed he spent tens of thousands of dollars on staff salaries and trips overseas. Scandal followed this story as it was further revealed that money from his Presidential campaign was flowing to his Gubernatorial accounts and campaign finance loopholes were being expertly exploited. Detailed reporting from The Guardian reveal the extent these tactics were employed: Because Scott Walker Asked

Through the platform every dollar he raised and spent would have been made available to his donors and the public in real time. Because our campaign finance application is built as a compliance tool, any movement of funds outside the intended legal restrictions of federal and state contribution limits would be immediately exposed. This tool has an opt-in requirement which requires all participants to abide by FEC rules and disclose sources and recipients of campaign funds prior to quarterly reporting, and subsequent (resource consuming) investigations.

We're not rewriting campaign finance laws, we're simply building tools for candidates and political organizations to show their constituents that they're playing by the rules.

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Political Organizations

The 2016 Democratic National Committee's financing fiasco

When Donna Brazile took control of the DNC during the 2016 Presidential campaign, one of the biggest scandals in political financing was exposed. She learned that the party had been intentionally bankrupt and manipulated in such a way that only the Clinton campaign could come to the rescue. This ensured that the Sanders organization would receive no true support from the party and essentially rigged the primary in Clinton's favor. Experienced political strategists say this merely represented Clinton's superior ability to operate as a candidate, but for the officers of the DNC, their members and voters looking for alternative views, this is an abuse of trust of the highest order. Or as Donna explained it herself: Inside Hillary Clinton's Secret Takeover of the DNC.

Through the platform, our applications give political organizations increased accountability over their financial officers and empowers transparency across their entire financing network. Never again would officers of an organization which holds the public's trust be surprised to learn they are facing financial uncertainty. And never again would our citizenry be blindly misled by dishonest public figures who've rigged the system inside out and created unscalable barriers of entry into our political discourse.

As we move into the 2018 cycle, the platform ensures an equitable future for our historic political parties and reestablishes trust with the electorate.

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Financial misuse at the Wounded Warrior Project

In 2016 the Wounded Warrior Project fired it's CEO and COO when it was publicly revealed that the organization was spending millions of dollars on expensive travel, lavish parties and extraordinary executive salaries. The organization had seen record donations coming from small individual contributions and a growing community of corporate philanthropy partners as Americans across the country began to see the faces of our wounded veterans and offered their support. Those donors were among the least disappointed when this financial abuse was revealed, as it was veterans and their families who suffered the most knowing the CEO got first class tickets while they just needed another night in a hospital. Wounded Warrior Project's top execs fired amid lavish spending scandal. 

Through the platform, our 501(c)(3) applications give non-profit executives new controls allowing them to prove to their donors, supporters and the communities they serve, that their mission is being achieved. As your organization grows and expands to new markets, we provide the power to track every dollar from sourcing to allocation and beyond. This empowers CEOs to prove to everyone involved in their mission that they're spending money where it's meant to be spent and working with people of integrity. Those who dedicate their lives to others are among the most admirable among us and should not have their work tarnished by the few who exploit these organizations.

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