Public visibility for public money

The world of finance is undergoing a radical change. Blockchain technology possesses the power to create publicly visible ledgers which tell you where every dollar in the public sector came from, who controls it and where it's spent. The vision of the platform is to put every institution, business, politician and regulator involved in the public sector on one publicly verified ledger which is accountable to, and viewable by, every tax paying citizen.

Because it can be built, it should be built.

End the corruption

As governments and financial institutions implement KYC blockchain technology to ensure terrorists and other bad actors dont't misuse their services, the platform allows local treasuries, non-profits, regulators and political candidates the same assurances.

The identity of every actor involved in public finances is uniformly verified upfront and made visible to the public. This level of transparency pushes criminal actors out of your financial networks and ends corruption by publicly exposing every financial transaction.

Build a more honest and transparent future

Democratic institutions face an uncertain future as so many have recently been exposed to be wrought with explicit corruption or blatant efforts to subvert the intended legal restrictions on political and public funds.

Through the applications enabled by the platform, we fundamentally shift the incentives involved in public financing and empower local, state, Federal and non-profit officers to control who they do business with with a level of internal financial controls you've never had access to until now.

Join the movement

Help end the corruption which has crippled American democracy.