Push corruption out of public finances

Know your customer (KYC) blockchain solutions are being developed across the global financial system and proving successful in rooting out terrorist funding and money laundering.

Through the Empower.us platform, we develop applications for local, state, Federal and any organization involved in public finances to reduce compliance costs, improve transparency and ensure public finances aren't being misused.

Campaign finance

We believe the majority of politicians are not corrupt. Help us prove it by putting your political network on one transparent ledger and build the party system of tomorrow, today.




Candidates / Committees



Local, state and national parties

Transition and inauguration entities

Issue committees

Any organization created to funnel campaign contributions

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Public institutions

Ensure your constituents that their money is going to the hands you promised them. Improve institutional accountability and public perception by tracking all public monies from sourcing to allocation.




Local, state and federal treasuries

Election contribution regulators

Government agencies

Capital, revenue and expense budgets

Any institution which recieves and allocates public funds

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Prove the impact of your work by showing donors you know how to achieve your mission. Raise money transparently and empower the communities you serve by enhancing financial accountability.






Financial oversight committees

Restricted and non restricted funds



Any organization involved in raising and receiving your funds


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Financial advisors and technology innovation teams,

We're offering pre-sales incentives to early adopters and strategic partners. You 're most likely on this site because you were specifically invited or know someone who was. Contact our team to learn more about which of our applications are right for your organizational goals.

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